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2010 Government Field Program
August 16-21, 2010

Trip Summary - Participants - Evaluations

Trip Photos

EMFI Group at Xcel Energy
Tim Abing, Rob Walther, and Vince Matthews inside Plains End Power Plant viewing one of the 34 natural gas-fired reciprocating engines and generators, together capable of generating 227 MW of backup power for Xcel Energy.

Visiting the Plains End Power Station
Attendees gather around the Bill Barrett drilling rig near Silt, Colorado.
At Bill Barrett Corp Rig
Keith Lambert, Mayor of Rifle, addresses the attendees during lunch at the Battlement Mesa Activity Center.
Panel Discussion at Battlement Mesa
Neelesh Nerurkar, Anu Mittal, and Kerry McCalman, with our host, Mike Braaten, at the 2.3 MW solar array at the Rifle Energy Innovation Center.
At the wood pellet plant.
The Bowie #2 Mine group underground at the Bowie #2 coal mine.

At the Tri-State Power Station
Tim Abing, Vince Matthews, and Spencer Pederson dressed up and ready to go underground at Bowie #2 Mine
By a big front loader at Trapper Mine
Kei Koizumi, Neelesh Nerurkar, Nicole Carter, and Janea Scott at the Trapper Mine.

(Front Row) Nicole Carter, Matt Futch, Dimitri Karakitsos, Tim Abing, Jeanne Neal, and Nahal Hamidi;
(second row) Jerry Otero, Janea Scott, Vince Matthews, Mackenzie Tepel, and Gary Baughman;
(third row) Nigel Middleton, Rob Walther, Steve Farrell, Tom Sladek, Matt Hite, Jess Robertson, Nick Jones, Esther Steinbock, and Neelesh Nerurkar;
(fourth row) Jim Burnell, Kerry McCalman (hidden!), Dixie Termin, Jim Proud, Anu Mittal, Megan Emmons, and John Dick,
(back corners) Kei Koizumi and Spencer Pederson.
Inside the Flaming Gorge Dam
Visiting a Questar Rig near Pinedale, Wyoming
Attendees listening to Mark Mathis at the Confluence Energy pelletizing plant.

Group picture at Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons
Participants of 2010 EMFI  

Front row (kneeling) from left:(Front row) Jeanne Neal, Jerry Otero, Tim Abing, Steve Farrell, Vince Matthews, Nicole Carter, Nahal Hamidi, and Tom Sladek;
Second row:  Gary Baughman, Jess Robertson, Mackenzie Tepel, Janea Scott, Nigel Middleton, Kerry McCalman, Rob Walther, Matt Hite, and Esther Steinbock; (
Third row:  Megan Emmons, Anu Mittal, Neelesh Nerurkar, Dixie Termin, Matt Futch, Spencer Pederson, Jim Burnell, Kei Koizumi, John Dick, Dimitri Karakitsos, and Jim Proud.