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2010 Government Field Program
August 16-21, 2010

Trip Summary - Participants - Photos

Summary of Evaluations

(A+=4.33; A=4.0; A- =3.67; B+ =3.33; B=3.0; B- =2.67)

I. Technical Content of the Field Experience

a. Content 3.88

b. Range of topics 3.71

c. Pace 3.54

d. Opportunity to

e. Opportunity for

f. Opportunity for interaction with participants 3.69

II. Field Guide

a. Content 3.80

b. Length 3.67

c. Illustrations

d. Clarity 3.67

e. Reference value 3.60

III. Logistics

a. Organization 3.93

b. Lodging 3.80

c. Food 3.80

d. Transportation 4.04

IV. EMFI Staff

a. Helpful 3.96

b. Cooperative 3.90

c. Knowledgeable 3.90

V. Value of Field Experience

a. Professional Value

b. Educational Value

c. Enjoyable 3.92

VI. Overall Evaluation of the Field Program 3.84

Open-Ended Questions

1) In your opinion, what were the most significant strengths of the Program?

  • The hands-on experience was simply awesome. Getting to walk around and talk to the operators was fantastic.
  • The experience of seeing, touching, and feeling the environment in which all of this extraction and power generation is occurring cannot be replaced.
  • The commentary during bus rides; well-informed staff.
  • The variety of energy sources and field experiences.
  • Logistics, program structure, organization, and activities.
  • Interaction among participants; diversity of participants.
  • Knowledge of the staff and presenters.

2) In your opinion, what were the most significant weaknesses of the Program?

  • Would have liked to see a more environmental perspective on energy sources.
  • Would prefer more regular full-group talks and panel discussions.
  • Would encourage less narration during bus rides.
  • Lectures on Thursday evening made for a too-long day.
  • Insufficient time during the day for discussion among participants.

3) In your opinion, what unique opportunities exist for the Institute in the future?

  • Conduct similar trips to other parts of the U.S.
  • The EMFI’s network within the energy community, fostering open communication.
  • With a carefully developed strategy, CSM/EMFI could position itself as a voice above the politics.
  • Increased participation from CSM students.
  • A DC-based conference, seminar, or other event; EMFI gathering for DC alumni

4) Any additional comments?

  • Please stay in touch and let me know what I can do to help with the Program in the future.
  • Overall, the Program exceeded my expectations.  I will recommend it to others.
  • Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.