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Summer Field Program - August 10-15, 2009

Summary of Evaluations

(A+=4.33; A=4.0; A- =3.67; B+ =3.33; B=3.0; B- =2.67)

I. Technical Content of the Field Experience

a. Content 3.72

b. Range of topics 3.78

c. Pace 3.86

d. Opportunity to acquire detailed information 3.89

e. Opportunity for discussion with speakers 3.80

f. Opportunity for interaction with participants 3.97

II. Field Guide

a. Content 3.67

b. Length 3.67

c. Illustrations 3.50

d. Clarity 3.67

e. Reference value 3.64

III. Logistics

a. Organization 4.05

b. Lodging 3.78

c. Food 3.75

d. Transportation 4.03

IV. EMFI Staff

a. Helpful 4.08

b. Cooperative 4.08

c. Knowledgeable 4.11

V. Value of Field Experience

a. Professional Value 4.00

b. Educational Value 4.05

c. Enjoyable 4.05

VI. Overall Evaluation of the Field Program 3.83

Open-Ended Questions

1) In your opinion, what were the most significant strengths of the Program?

  • The staff, the longevity of the program and the mix of participants.
  • Site visits and hands-on access to the workers and no hidden policy agenda.
  • Diversity of topics, policy issues and perspectives provided.
  • Diverse array of sites & energy types; knowledgeable staff; comfortable accommodations.
  • Very intelligent discussions, participants, and issues.
  • Organization of trip, access to industry personnel, and EMFI staff. Hands-on learning.
  • Excellent combination of field experience, briefings, access to experts and people actually working in the industry.
  • Program, access to sites, variety and breadth of scope of sites visited, group discussions, logistical problems kept to a minimum.
  • Variety of sites, knowledge and enthusiasm of presenters, opportunity to mingle with other participants, scenery, narration by John (Rold) and Tom (Sladek).
  • Diversity of topics, speakers, participants. High quality administration & preparation.
  • Well organized & staffed; flow of topics & facilities.
  • Knowledgeable & approachable speakers & staff; sites visited; conversations with other participants; logistics almost flawless.

2) In your opinion, what were the most significant weaknesses of the Program?

  • Lack of attention to new fossil technologies at power station; no speaker of carbon capture & storage; more discussion of other alternative energies.
  • Have field guide before the trip; having some videos on the bus; felt rushed at times.
  • No significant weaknesses.
  • Some things covered without any basic explanations; site staff should know that not all participants are knowledgeable on the subjects.
  • Seeing the "cons" of the environmental impacts would be beneficial.
  • Some of the presenters were a little weak in presentations skills.
  • We got the "ground level" detail, but also need the 30,000 foot view of how western energy development fits into our nation's energy future.
  • Plains End logistics seemed unprepared for the group; talk on Wartsila engines better handled on handouts or poster boards; Shell rig visit at Pinedale too distant; Flaming Gorge visit - movie too long, could have been better on bus on the way.
  • Room sharing; possibly visit "average" sites rather than the "best" or "state-of-the-art" sites.
  • Establishing a god contact/policy overlay to the program - would contribute to understanding specific sites and discussions.
  • Not enough time to explore issues with experts; full week - but don't change anything.
  • Have a post-event bus discussion would be valuable; left wondering what the opposing viewpoint was; having the field guide or some articles ahead of time would be helpful.

3) In your opinion, what unique opportunities exist for the Institute in the future?

  • Some focus on minerals and precious metals mining.
  • It would be great to have a follow-up info session about what is happening at some of the sites visited.
  • Possibly expand the number of itineraries from 2 to 4, increase programs to 2 per year given sufficient funding and interest. Possibly a more renewables-focused trip. Possibly partnering with one or more other universities to handle funding and logistics for the additional itineraries.
  • An institute covering renewables only; split group into two by energy/science/engineering background.
  • Various tribal classroom and hands-on training courses; short classroom session on specific topics & general overview of energy to be offered in D.C.
  • The EMFI program is unique; Others in government could benefit from such a trip as it is non-partisan and "broad."
  • One idea is to create a tour for science and technology counselors at foreign embassies in the US.
  • The word-of-mouth potential is amazing; EMFI has a great reputation which will allow for increased student applications as well as increased interest from professional types.
  • Perhaps follow-up opportunities with some of the speakers to go more in-depth in their areas; perhaps overcome the distance factor using webinars
  • Perhaps a one-day or weekend-long Washington D.C. seminar; Webinar format.

4) Any additional comments?

  • Reach to DOE again. Tap into the DOE's knowledge of new technologies. Also reaching out to FERC may be very beneficial. Thank you for a very enjoyable and educational trip!!
  • We needed more hard-hat stickers!
  • I appreciated having a single room for most or all of the trip. I recommend the "Roadside Geology" series to those interested in geology (mention ahead of the trip.) The quality of the participation and group interaction was very good.
  • This is an excellent program and was a week well spent for me. My learning will continue after the workshop. Also it is not only the job of the CSM staff to make WMFI a learning experience, but for participants as well. It may be a good idea to have a sort of basic energy classroom the first day with some basic concepts and basic coverage of what we'll see in the week ahead.
  • Would it be possible to have recycling on the bus?
  • This was a really wonderful program and a fantastic opportunity. Thank you!
  • Great job guys! It's a lot to do and take in over one week, but you pulled it off. There are many decision-makers in government, the NGO sector, and the press that could benefit from such a trip.
  • Yes, thank you very, very much for an exceptional learning experience.
  • This was a very well organized trip and group dynamics were great.
  • I want a mini-golf re-match. I've been practicing!
  • Online/email submission on feedback would be useful. (The typist/webmaster agrees!)