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The following links are to recently-published newspaper articles that relate to some of the sites we will be visiting on the 2006 Field Program and to some of the planned Issue discussions.

A series of human-interest articles dealing with energy development on the Western Slope of Colorado:

"Brickbats, accolades part of job's hard balancing act." Brian Macke, director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

"Drilling is last straw for area homeowner." Steve Thompson, rancher near Silt

"County official lends an ear to complaints." Tim Pinson, Garfield County oil and gas liaison.

"Driller takes pride in doing his job." Jarvis Abbey, rig worker for Williams Co.

"Supply, demand equation his toughest puzzle." Samuel Bodman, US Secretary of Energy.

"The browning of green Colorado." - One article dealing with the effects of diverting agricultural water to municipal use.

"Party's on for Mesa Verde." - A brief review of Mesa Verde National Park, celebrating its Centennial in July.

An article addressing a recently-released report on the the effects of global warming on some national parks:
"West's parks termed at risk." Includes link to full version of above report. Notes Mesa Verde may soon "become too broiling hot to visit."

"Animas-La Plata project nearing halfway point." - An article dealing with the history and current status of the Animas-LaPlata water project: