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Summer Field Program - August 11-16, 2003

Summary of Individual Program Critiques
for the 2003 EMFI Field Program
(based on 4.0-point scale; 20 responses)

I. Technical Content of the Field Experience

A. Content
B. Range of topics covered
C. Pace
D. Opportunity to acquire detailed information
E. Opportunity for discussion with speakers
F. Opportunity for interaction with participants


II. Field Guide




A. Content
B. Length
C. Illustrations
D. Clarity
E. Reference value


III. Logistics


A. Organization
B. Lodging
C. Food
D. Transportation

IV. EMFI Staff  

A. Helpful
B. Cooperative
C. Knowledgeable

V. Value of Field Experience  

A. Professional value
B. Educational value
C. Enjoyable

VI. Overall evaluation of the Field Program 3.71

Open-Ended Questions

1) In your opinion, what were the most significant strengths of the Program?

  • Comprehensive content / Immersion, hands-on approach / Number of sites visited /
  • Breadth of program
  • Bringing participants together / Diversity of participants / Interaction with other
    participants (multiple) / Good networking
  • Bringing together of agency & Congressional staff is unusual and useful
  • John Rold's commentary / Good geologic comments / John Rold is a real strength /
  • Loved John's commentary / John Rold was great / Geologic commentary / John's
    running commentary
  • Speakers were excellent / People at the sites were informative and generous in sharing
  • Ability to observe the range of people that agency folks have to deal with and to hear
    from them directly
  • Very well organized / Organization (multiple) / Well constructed and executed
  • Exceptional attention to logistics and detail
  • EMFI staff did an excellent job / Knowledgeable staff / Experience of staff / Faculty

2) In your opinion, what were the most significant weaknesses of the Program?

  • No major weakness / None in my opinion
  • Should include a group discussion at the end of the trip / Need a formal wrap-up
  • More free time / 1/2-day off would be nice / Tiring trip / Rushed
  • Shared rooms / Would prefer single rooms / Roommates
  • Have more opposing sides on the issues / More balance on issues
  • Should address more policy and political issues
  • Some whining presentations
  • Hearing from government relations personnel
  • Would like more emphasis on the global situation / Should address demand-side, not
    just supply-side
  • Should include geothermal and clean coal, and emphasize economics
  • Should address tribal energy issues and perspectives
  • Too much classroom time
  • Group too large
  • More dinners on your own

3) Any additional comments?

  • Definitely the best "training" program I've ever had!
  • Thanks for an incredibly productive and enjoyable and well-organized trip!
  • Thank you very much for having me on the program / Thank you - a great experience
  • Keep doing what you are doing.
  • It proved to be a valuable learning experience
  • Enjoyed areas of historic significance
  • Use bus video more often.
  • Suggest keeping energy and minerals separate

Comments from Participants Following the Program

  • "Getting out of the office and meeting and making new friends who share the same work interests was also really refreshing."
  • "The entire week's activities were exceptionally well organized, with an ideal balance of opportunity for visiting sites, meeting industry representatives, and networking with other participants."
  • I feel I have gained a solid foundation for further building my knowledge of energy production and applying that knowledge to a sound energy policy."
  • "I just can't say enough great things about the EMFI tour!"
  • "Not only was the week informative, it was just so enjoyable to meet people in the various agencies -- the "human face" of the Governmental process."
  • "The EMFI trip was one of the most beneficial learning experiences I've had."
  • "Excellent hands-on experience, highly knowledgeable faculty, extremely valuable presentations, outstanding mix of participants, and a great opportunity to make important professional contacts."
  • "I can't remember attending a conference that was so well planned and effective in reaching the needs of the audience."
  • "I see now that the praise for the program my colleagues professed before I attended is very well deserved."