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Summer Field Program - August 11-16, 2003


Brenda Aird Group Manager - Solid Minerals Bureau of Land Management
Kathleen Benedetto Legislative Staff House Committee on Resources
Michael Brown Associate Assistant Administrator for R&D U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Benjamin Burnett Program Examiner Office of Management and Budget
Richard Christiansen Assoc. Professor, Petroleum Engineering Dept. Colorado School of Mines
David Conover Director, Climate Change Technology Program U.S. Department of Energy
Mark Gaffigan Assistant Director General Accounting Office
Carol Hardy-Vincent Specialist in Natural Resources Policy Congressional Research Service
Joshua Heird Constituent Correspondent Office of Sen. Wayne Allard
Eli Hopson Professional Staff Member House Committee on Science
Jeffrey Hunt Petroleum Engineer Bureau of Indian Affairs
Eloise Kendy AGI Congressional Science Fellow American Geological Institute
Christopher King Democratic Professional Staff Energy House Committee on Science
Leland McGee Division Chief, Energy and Resources Management Bureau of Indian Affairs
Rick Mertens Chief, Energy Branch Office of Management and Budget
Roger Meyer Team Leader, Office of Communications & Outreach U.S. Department of Energy
Kyndra Miller Deputy Counsel Office of Wyoming Governor
Darren Mollot Senior Technical Advisor U.S. Department of Energy
Brenda Pierce Energy Program Coordinator U.S. Geological Survey
Gary Schmitz Senior Public Affairs/Media Relations Staff National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Susan Spear District Ranger U.S. Forest Service
John Staub Policy Analyst U.S. Department of Energy
Natalie Tawil Principal Analyst Congressional Budget Office
Allen Thomas Program Analyst, Program and Budget Group U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Trudy Transtrum Communications Coordinator, Natural Gas & Petroleum Technology U.S. Department of Energy
Gene Whitney Policy Analyst Office of Science & Technology Policy
William Wicker Democratic Communications Director Senate Comm. on Energy & Natural Resources