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Summer Field Program - August 11-16, 2003


Participants on the 2003 EMFI Government Field Program
(front row) Dave Conover-DOE; Brenda Pierce-USGS; Gene Whitney-OSTP; Trudy Transtrum-DOE; Natalie Tawil-CBO; John Rold-EMFI; Kyndra Miller-WY Gov. Office; Erling Brostuen-EMFI; Sue Spear-Forest Service; Brenda Aird-BLM; Jeff Hunt-BIA; (second row) Eloise Kendy-AGI; Ben Burnett-OMB; John Staub-DOE; Eli Hopson-House Committee on Science; Chris King-House Committee on Science; (back row) Josh Heird-Office of Sen. Wayne Allard; Mark Gaffigan-GAO; Carol Hardy-Vincent-CRS; Richard Christiansen-CSM; Bill Wicker-Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; Leland McGee-BIA; Roger Meyer-DOE; Gary Schmitz-NREL; Darren Mollot-DOE; Allen Thomas-BuRec; Rick Mertens-OMB; Michael Brown-EPA; Kathy Benedetto-House Committee on Resources

Peter McNutt of the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory (NREL) describes the Outdoor Test Facility
(OTF) to Mark Gaffigan (GAO), Jim Proud (EMFI),
John Rold
(EMFI), Leland McGee (BIA), Erling
(EMFI), Brenda Aird (BLM), Rick Mertens
(OMB), and Gene Whitney (OSTP).

Michael Brown (EPA) and Darren Mollot (DOE)
with all their gear prior to going underground to the
longwall coal mining operation at Arch Coal's West
Elk Mine in Paonia, Colorado.

One group of participants preparing to go underground at the West Elk Coal Mine in Paonia, Colorado.

Jeff Roedell of ChevronTexaco explains the CO2 en-
hanced oil recovery process to Richard Christiansen
(CSM), Brenda Aird (BLM), and other participants at
the Rangely Unit near Rangely, Colorado.

Jeff Roedell of ChevronTexaco explains the CO2 en-
hanced oil recovery process to Sue Spear (Forest
Service), Darren Mollot (DOE), Kathy Benedetto
(House-Resources), Brenda Pierce (USGS), and others.

Jim Kohler of the Bureau of Land Management points
out the ongoing tar sands operations at Asphalt Ridge,
near Vernal, Utah.

Following Anadarko's presentation on their coalbed
natural gas project in Rock Springs, Wyoming,
Allen Thomas
(BuRec) and John Staub (DOE)
have a discussion with Martin Talbott of Anadarko.

The 502-foot-high Flaming Gorge Dam, which
houses three 36-Megawatt generators, was
toured by the EMFI on Wednesday.

A miner at the Jim Bridger Coal Mine near Rock
Springs, Wyoming explains the mining operation to
Allen Thomas

Our guide at the Jim Bridger Coal Mine near Rock Springs, Wyoming, Jim Johnson, describes the mining operations to Kathy Benedetto (House Resources Committee), Chris King (House Science Committee), Ben Burnett (OMB), Rick Mertens (OMB), Roger Meyer (DOE), and other participants.

Bernie Caulfield, our guide at the Jim Bridger Power Station near Rock Springs, Wyoming, explains the plant operations to Brenda Pierce (USGS), Eloise Kendy (AGI), Jeff Hunt (BIA), and Rick Mertens (OMB).

Bernie Caulfield describes the coal pulverization process at the Jim Bridger Power Station near Rock Springs, Wyoming. (The base of a dismantled pulverizer is in the foreground).

Richard Christiansen (CSM) accepts the offer from
Bernie Caulfield
to view the coal combustion process
inside Unit #4 of the Jim Bridger Power Station.

All the participants listen to Andy Sulkko, from Xcel Energy, explain the operations at the Ponnequin Wind Farm on the Colorado-Wyoming border south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The latest in non-polluting transportation -- the wind-powered bus!

Comments on Geology Commentary
(with apologies to Robert Frost et al)

His name is John Rold,
His commentary is pure gold.
He sheds info like a hound shedding ticks,
No wonder in Glenwood Springs, he was a hit with the chicks.
He gets his jollies from cute landslides,
He has us looking out all sides.
But to really see every rock,
You better know your clock.
Like a monkey making love to a skunk,
He's careful to defend all attempts to debunk.
He loves to point out all those starter castles,
But he never really gives them much of a hassle.
While others may ruin your day,
John's the man to show you the way.

---Mark Gaffigan