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Summer Field Program - August 11-16, 2003

Trip Summary - Participants - Evaluations - Photos

Through funding from the Colorado Energy Research Institute, made possible by a grant from the Colorado Office of Energy Management and Conservation, the Institute conducted a Summer Field Program in August 2003 for selected audiences from the federal and state government. The resource emphasis for the program was energy -- specifically addressing a wide range of energy resources and candidly addressing their respective strengths and weaknesses as contributors to the Nation's future energy supply.

The Summer Field Program began on Monday, August 11, at the Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Colorado. The Program concluded on Saturday, August 16 at the same location.

At each site visited, participants were introduced to the geologic, technical, economic, environmental, social, institutional, and political aspects of production.


Invited Participants

The 2003 Field Program included 27 individuals, each representing a federal or state government entity directly related to energy development and policymaking. (See the "Summary" link above for a list of the names of the participants.) The benefits of attendance included gaining fundamental knowledge, networking with other professionals in the field, establishing contacts with corporate representatives, and sharing insights and points of view with other policymakers. Participants were invited from selected agencies and organizations which have specific responsibilities for energy-related policies, including :

  • Federal Executive Departments (e.g. DOE, DOI, EPA, USFS)
  • Congressional and Executive Agencies (e.g. CBO, CRS, OMB, GAO)
  • Congressional Committees (selected)
  • Congressional Delegations of the States Visited (selected)
  • Governors' Offices of the States Visited
  • Appropriate State Agencies of the States Visited


Monday, August 11

  • Kickoff Breakfast at the Golden Hotel in Golden, Colorado
  • Tour of National Renewable Energy Laboratory and related facilities
  • Lunch
  • NREL Wind Power Lab & Solar Furnace
  • Bus to Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • Meal and lodging at the historic Hotel Colorado

Tuesday, August 12

  • Breakfast in Glenwood Springs
  • Bus to Somerset, Colorado
  • Tour of West Elk coal mine (underground, longwall)
  • Lunch at West Elk mine
  • Presentation by Gunnison Energy, also of Somerset, Colorado, on coalbed methane development
  • Bus to Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Meal and lodging in Grand Junction

Wednesday, August 13

  • Breakfast in Grand Junction
  • Bus to Rangely, Colorado
  • Tour of ChevronTexaco Rangely Unit (EOR, CO2 sequestration, land farming)
  • Lunch with ChevronTexaco
  • Bus to Dinosaur National Monument
  • Visit Dinosaur National Monument
  • Bus to Vernal, Utah - Asphalt Ridge Tar Sands
  • Presentation on tar sands
  • Meal and lodging in Vernal

Thursday, August 14

  • Breakfast in Vernal, Utah
  • Bus to Flaming Gorge Reservoir and hydroelectric generating station
  • Tour generating station
  • Bus to Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Lunch in Rock Springs
  • Tour Jim Bridger Coal Mine (surface coal)
  • Meal and lodging in Rock Springs

Friday, August 15

  • Breakfast in Rock Springs
  • Presentation by Anadarko Petroleum on coalbed natural gas and tight sands gas development
  • Lunch in Rock Springs
  • Bus to Jim Bridger Electric Power Generating Station - tour
  • Bus to Laramie, Wyoming
  • Meal and lodging in Laramie

Saturday, August 16

  • Breakfast in Laramie
  • Bus to Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Tour Xcel Energy Wind Farm
  • Bus to Loveland, Colorado
  • Lunch at the famous Johnson's Corner Truck Stop and Cafe
  • Arrive at Denver International Airport (2:00 pm)
  • Arrive at Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden (3:30 pm)


All expenses for the 2003 Summer Field Program were covered by a grant from the Colorado Office of Energy Management and Conservation, through the Colorado Energy Research Institute. Participants were responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the program's point of departure and returning from the program's ending location. All direct expenses for meals, lodging, and transportation were provided by the Institute, though participants were responsible for all personal expenses incurred during the trip.


The EMFI contacted all of the selected government organizations and offices in June, 2003, requesting one (1) nominee and one (1) alternate to participate in the Field Program.

Forms were subsequently provided to solicit all pertinent information about the participants. There were no tuition charges for the program, but roundtrip airfare and other travel costs from and to the participant's point of origin and Golden, Colorado were the responsibility of the participant.



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